Detag and retag posted to foreign bank

I changed a dividend payment bank tag to salary tag and got this

Journals - Foreign Bank Account Loss/Gain

Use this tool to move a currency loss/gain from a foreign currency bank account to the “Currency Charges” nominal account.

Its labelled as salary paymnet but at a loss what to do now

Bank item date is now greyed out

Hi @Howard

I just want to confirm your steps here if I may.

  • You’ve untagged a payment that was previously tagged as a dividend payment
  • You’ve tried to retag this as a salary payment
  • This then brings up a foreign bank account loss/gain journal

Does that sound correct?
Is the payment actually from a non-GBP bank account?

Yes, it was a bank tagged item dated 25/7/16 for £455. I detagged from dividend and then tagged to salary. But it tagged to Journa. In Journal ( link from tag) the heading is “Journals - Foreign Bank Account Loss/Gain” and the detail is about salary and dividends mixed. The Journal name is "Salary payment to ‘G A Russell’ "

Can you access this ?

I also did another one and its gone the same way


Thank you for the details @Howard. I’ve passed this to our development team to take a look and will come back to you as soon as we can.

@Howard - This should now load all OK. Would you mind checking this again please and letting me know if that’s OK for you?