Detailed chart of accounts report

Hi there. I am still strugling with this Chart of accounts report, when I do the backup to get a detailed report, it send me all the transactions since 2013 to today. Is it possible to get a detailed chart of accounts only for the last finacial year, 06/04/2015 to 05/04/2016?


Hi @leal

Because of the way the report is generated, there isn’t a way to limit the date range unfortunately. However, you should be able to achieve something similar in a spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel).

For example, in versions of Microsoft Office, you can filter by date range by turning on the filter mode, selecting the arrow on the date column, selecting ‘Date Range’, and choose your options:

Or if you use something like Google Docs, then you can find some useful articles on Google itself on how to use this feature, such as here.

Hope that helps!