Detailed Trial Balance

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My accountant is processing our year end for 17/18. She is new to Quickfiles and is finding it relatively intuitive however she would like to download/extract a detailed trial balance report that would show detailed breakdowns of exactly what constituted specific nominal codes.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi @Andy_B

I think what you may be looking for is a nominal ledger export?

If you go to Reports >> Chart of Accounts, enter the date range you wish to view, and then click Export Data. This will produce a .csv file with either summaries or a list of all the nominal ledger entries (depending on the options you pick).

Hi Team,

So I have just followed the instructions as above to obtain a detailed trail balance and because we are over the 15,000 entry mark (we hit circa 19,000), when we go to export the prompt is to run a back up, which I have done.

The report has now arrived and unless I’m missing something blindingly obvious, having looked through all the reports within the Zip file, I couldn’t see a report that gives a detailed break down of the nominal codes.

Basically what my accountant wants to be able to do is, similar to that of Sage which she is used to you, she to see all the nominal codes that appear on the 17/18 trial balance and then drill into those nominal codes to make sure that we have allocated purchases to the correct nominal.

The ‘purchase invoice items’ report is close to what she is looking for, however ideally it would have the supplier name in one of the fields, so we could filter by supplier and nominal code.

Would it not make sense for the accountant to access your account and drill down from there? With 19k entries that’s a lot of paper.

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Do you not think maybe we would run a report and analyse is Excel? Clearly we wouldn’t print a 19,000 entry report. I am looking for a serious resolve to this issue!

That information is in the overall “purchase invoices” CSV, so you could import both CSVs into one workbook and add a VLOOKUP by purchase ID to pull the supplier name into the itemised list.

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Thank You Ian, much appreciated! Sounds like a plan!

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