Difference in s/l control vs summary page

hi, the my dashboard, summary shows a figure outstanding owed to you, but while trying to reconcile everything after first quarter i notice a difference in that to the n/l Sales Control

if i look at my sales control its the correct value, but the summary is 1562.28 different

any pointers as to why that is…

if i take opening balance and add all invoices since start of quarter & take away all payments i get the same figure in the SALES CONTROL, its just the difference in the my dashboard im trying to figure…


Hi @magnacom

Are any of your invoices partly paid or been partially credited?

These updates don’t affect the balance on the main dashboard as this uses the actual invoice total.

It is all related to Unallocated/Part Paid Invoices.

TBH, thats the most confusing part of your system…

when you click of the Dashboard into the list of invoices o/s, you should show the Outstanding invoice amount not the original one, as its not relevant, the toggle should be the opposite way round so you can see original invoice amount.

it was those and the unallocated money causing the confusion.

therefore, outstanding invoices on display less unallocated money = Sales Control

this is really confusing too and needs some work…


when i view unallocated payments, the top £20 should show £2, and in description 'original value £20, the top two are for the same account, there is £20 unallocated on that account.

the last two on the list are for another single account, totally wrong as the refund looked like this:-


on the list it should really show £313.01 (£324.35 is meaningless now, maybe show on left like above)


so total prepayments = £1008.38+£313.01

lucky i didnt have too many transactions to check, but it would be a load of work if someone had a lot of unallocated amounts or part allocations/refunds.


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