Different categories on same purchase invoice

If a purchase invoice consists of general purchases for resale and repairs, how do I separate the invoice into each category? Cheers!

When you create your purchase invoice you can add more lines by clicking on the plus in front of the first item line. Each line can be assigned to a different norminal code. See below

Hope this helps

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That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! its so simple lol! Tank you very much.

I use “General Purchases” as what they call a suspense account.

If there is something showing in nominal ledger 5000 “General Purchases” these get moved to a more descriptive nominal ledger; I find this a helpful way of managing purchases.

Basically N/L 5000 gets re-allocated, usually the items outstanding in this account are awaiting a receipt for proper allocation…

Whereas I use general purchases to record stock for resale, and codes in the overheads section for other types of business expenses.