Different Clients with the same name


The most recent import of data for a new member failed because there is an existing member with the same same - but they are different people.

I was under the impression that the account number was the primary key, not the name.

Is there a fix for this that does not entail massaging the name of one of the members ?

Hi @Mike

I don’t think it’s going to be possible to allow multiple clients with the same name as some features (e.g. invoice import) matches to the client record based on name. It becomes a little bit tricky when you have multiple clients with the same name.

I’m assuming that by your reference to ‘new member’, your clients are individuals rather than businesses? Would it be an option to include a middle initial for example?

I rather suspected that might be the case.

I do have a workaround since, although the two separate individuals have the same middle initial as well, I can append their Amateur Radio Callsigns to their surname. Radio Hams dont mind this and it does work,

Longer term though, and for other types of organisation, you might need to look in to this.

Best wishes