Difficulties in connecting my bank accounts

I can not connect my bank accounts and to enable live inserts. Through Bankline (NatWest) I linked 2 accounts one in GBP and one in EUR but my account in euro says Not linked. Why was he not connected? What can I do about it?
Then I can not Link my bank feed to QuickFile. In the area Statement → more options there is not the option “Activate Bank Feed” as it says in the help area but Refresh Bank feed & Bank Feed details. What should I do?
I’m afraid that the platform is very difficult, I deal with it all day and in the end I do not succeed. Can somebody help me?

Hi @lkokkalis

When viewing the bank statement, do you see the bank logo at the top of the page? If not, you will need to set the bank name as per the guide:

Please note: to ensure the correct bank feed options appear, first ensure that the correct bank name is set (e.g. Barclays) in the bank account settings screen (See “Settings” option in the menu example further down).

Yes, the name of the bank is shown and I have already made this update, but one account, this one in euros was not connected and the other one that was connected does not have its movements. Also from the morning I try with the Revolut technicians who help me to connect 2 more accounts that I have there in euros and points, but when they connect they also write non quallifying accounts.
It 's really hard and I’m sorry because I liked the platform and wanted to use it but I can not

Why did one of my 2 accounts link to Bankline (NatWest) and the other writes Not linked?

Why do the 3 accounts I have linked to Revolut write not lined as well?
What should I do to connect them and when they connect how will I see their flow?

In the Create Bank Account area while I define an account in euros my program asks for account number and sort code and not IBAN. There is no sort code in euro and dollar accounts

Hi @lkokkalis

when you create a bank account you do not need to enter the account number and sort code, this is just for your reference and does not affect the set up - you can leave these blank if you want.

When you set up the link with NatWest Bankline, you need to consent to all of the accounts that you’ll want the feeds for, you can then link these to the relevant quickfile accounts after the connection has been made. Same with Revolut.

Please let us know if you’re still having problems

Thank you for your responce
Eventually it was a technical problem with Bankline and Revolut synchronization, I solved it with them and connected my accounts successfully.
Unfortunately, I do not have the flow of my transactions in my linked accounts
Can you help me with the steps I need to take just to enter my account transactions and keep flowing?

Yesterday I manually put the balances of each of my accounts but today there are moves in them that do not appear on the platform, have left yesterday the amounts I added by hand
Please can you help me synchronize them?

The feeds are refreshed over night and any new transactions are imported. If you need to pull in any older transactions you can sometimes do this with a manual refresh of the feed or you can upload a bank statement

I did a lot of refresh but unfortunately the previous trades do not enter, I will try to pass a statement and after you tell me that the daily trades enter every night I will see tomorrow if they will appear in my account. If tomorrow is ok then everything will be fine and I will be able to start registering my clients, but if the bills are not updated then I will ask you again to help me

Hi @lkokkalis

I wanted to check in with you this morning to see if your feeds managed to refresh overnight, or if you were requiring any more help from us today?

Thank you all very much for your interest and valuable help
Unfortunately my accounts were not automatically renewed and I had to do the manual renewal (view → options → refresh bank feed) but they are now updated. I wonder since this is not done automatically and your account transaction system shows only 21 days, how at the end of each month will I get the report of my account?
I have to enter the data from the statement, so why pay for Open Banking Feeds since I have to enter the data manually?

The feeds should refresh automatically overnight bringing in the transactions from the previous day. Since you have just set them up it would be worth waiting a couple of days to check that they are working correctly

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