Difficulty importing bank statement

is there an issue with this system at the moment? When we upload a statement only half the transactions are being imported. Sometimes saying ‘no transactions were imported’.

Thanks Gavin

Hi @Gavin_Bonser

There are no issues at the moment (please see our status page).

Are you able to give us some more information relating to this issue please?

  • How many transactions are you trying to import?
  • What file type (.csv, .qif etc.)?
  • What bank does the file originate from?
  • If there are quite a few transactions, are you able to break it down and import it a bit at a time?

Hi Thanks for reply,

Less than 20,


Its a self generated CSV from my own excel wookbook, it is used for pay-pal because i have several currencies come from the same statement i collate all the months transactions (sales, papal fees, ebay fees, purchases) and upload them as a monthly total into my accounts for each currency I sell in . It has just 3 columns, Date, details, Amount. been using for years with no issues.

That’s about it.

There shouldn’t be any problems with the way you’re doing it.

When you select ‘Other’ as the bank and it shows you a preview for the column mapping, does everything appear all OK there?

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