Direct Debit anomaly

We have an anomaly with GoCardless direct debits:

A recurring monthly invoice was generated and is now showing as “Overdue” but when you go to view the invoice, although it has a big read stamp saying “Overdue” at the top of the invoice there is this text: “Payment for this invoice has been made by Direct Debit”

The recurring invoice a month earlier is green and there is a payment attributed to it, the recurring invoice this month is saying “A request to collect the balance on this invoice will be made”.

So is the invoice paid or not - looks like a bug to me.


You may be better off putting this in the bug category rather than support. Not sure if it makes a difference though

Hi @comgw

Please could you confirm the last 4 digits of your account number and the recurring invoice number that you’re having the problem with? We can take a look at your account and see what is going on

Hi @comgw

Are you still having problems? We haven’t heard back from you to be able to look into this further for you


Last 4 digits of our account number: 8183
Invoice number is: 111704

The message has changed since I last looked, it now says: “A request to collect the balance on this invoice will be made on 9 December 2021”

This still doesn’t make sense as the 9th was yesterday so it should say “a request WAS made” i.e. past tense? Unless it hasn’t made the request still?

The due date of the invoice was 15th November and the DD madate has been stup for some time so I don’t know why it hasn’t taken payment before now?


Hi @comgw

Looking at that invoice it wasn’t created from a recurring profile and so the DD would have had to be requested manually which I can see that it was on 5th December.

Hope this helps?

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