Direct Debit authorisations

I’ve requested direct debit authorisation via quickfile and gocardless. Is this correct or will this create 2 direct debits?

You should only request authorisation from your Quick File Account if you intend to collect DD payments using Quick File.

You can cancel the authorisation request from your GoCardless account directly.

The following guide explains the Direct Debit functions we offer through GoCardless:

Setting up Direct Debits for your Clients

Can we move existing authorisation done from Gocardless dashboard directly to QF?

Unfortunately GoCardless don’t support the migrations of DD pre-authorisations established in GoCardless to any 3rd Party app. This was certainly the case when I last checked with them a couple of months back, I don’t think there’s been any change there.

Can we collect monthly DD payments But only one yearly invoice instead of recurring invoices, e.g one £1200 annual invoice but monthly DD of £100 automatically allocated to invoice ?

There’s currently no automated way to do this within Quick File. All scheduling is based on the assumption that the invoice is created (using a recurring invoice) and a DD request is made for the Gross sum on the invoice. You can use a pre-authorisation to manually request a custom amount each billing period. It’s something we may look into in the future.