Direct debit funcionality via API


We need to be able to see if the direct debit collection has already been triggered on an invoice and if not, be able to request collection.

I can see you do not seem to have any method for that, can it be added?

We have some customers on “auto direct debit”, for recuring invoices it is automatically done but for single invoices, we need to trigger it manually.

Thanks in advance.

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We also need to see if a Direct Debit request has been created for an Invoice and its collection date via the API.

You can see this when viewing the invoice online and also navigate to the GoCardless BillID from the ‘Recent Events’ section on the invoice page.

But there does not seem to be any way to access this information via the API.

Hi @APereira @samppatel

This isn’t something that’s available (as you rightly note).

You can initiate a direct debit collection through QuickFile, and I believe that if a second one is requested against the same invoice, it would fail.

For reference, this is the API endpoint:

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Are there any plans to provide API access to this information ?

Not at this time, but we can certainly take a look if there’s enough interest.

In the meantime, you may want to check out the GoCardless API directly. I haven’t had a look, but if may be possible to find information there relating to payment requests.

Thanks for your reply and explanation.

Would it be possible to have the information if there is already a request in place when we query an invoice?

I am not sure how do you guys do this on the webUI, but I would guess what it wouldn’t be hard to have an extra field there :slight_smile:

I can already retrieve the direct debit details via the GoCardless API when I have the GoCardlessBillID.
The problem is I cant get the GoCardlessBillID from QuickFile via the API.

However, when QuickFile creates the Payment with GoCardless, it does save the quickfile invoice number in the ‘description’ field e.g. “Payment for invoice 001757”.

That will provably make it easier to match it, as you can modify the string to only extract the invoiceID.

I am not using the gocardless API, just quickfile.