Direct debit not showing even though it is functional

Hello Quickfile,

I have a customer who has paid by direct debit. This was surprising as I was not aware it was set up. On checking their account the green tick was not present, instead it is offering me the chance to set it up.

They have paid through go cardless and we have a lot of customers who use go cardless. We usually offer it for amounts less than £300 via e-mail. This one in particular was more hence my closer inspection of the account.

Can you please explain what is happening?



Hi @Gavin_Smith

I’ve found your account and sent you an email requesting access. If you could accept that email (which automatically expires), I’ll take a look at your account to see what’s happening here.

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Without looking at your account, I’d say they made a one-off bill payment on the invoice.

The green tick you refer to on the client screen is for pre-authorisations, this enables you to collect funds from your client at will. When you integrate GoCardless on QF it will also expose a one-off pay link on the invoice preview screen the client sees. I guess that’s what’s happened here.

You can disable any payment option for specific clients in the client modification screen.

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Thanks Glen,

I think that is probably what has happened. Thanks for your help.

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