Direct Debit Repaying last invoices

A client of mine has had financial troubles and was unable to pay maybe 20 invoices, now he wants to setup a payment plan, x amount per week to pay those old invoices off - currently he setup with gocardless and thats the primary method of taking payment from him,

How can I setup a recurring payment to build up his credit in gocardless so then I can allocate the credit to the outstanding invoices

Hi @Paul_Cheetham

There is no automated way of doing this within QuickFile at present, but you can certainly do this manually.

If you opt to do it this way, that is, collect the funds and hold them on their account before allocating it to an invoice, you can do this from the client screen using click the ‘Direct Debit Found’ box:

And then selecting the ‘Collect Funds’ option:

This will allow you to specify the amount you wish to collect, the date etc.

However, you can also collect directly for the invoice if you’d prefer, which can be found under the ‘More Options’ menu on the invoice view.

Direct debits can be set up to collect up to 60 days in advance, so you could set a few up in advance.

I hope that helps

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