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Direct Debit


Hi, I have a question how to send an invitation for Direct Debit mandate to a client who has already paid single invoice by direct debit in the past. What I mean is when I go to client management area I can send Direct Debit mandate invitation to a client who has never paid any of his invoices through GoCardless. But when I go to management area of a client who has already made one off payment using this method I am unable to send him an invitation for further DD payments to be able to link it with my recurring invoices for this client as it is says “Direct debit found”. But this is DD for one off payment and as far as I understand I can’t link it to recurring invoices for this client (unless I got it wrong?) because I need to obtain an authorisation from this client to be able to do so?


Hi @Iwona1

There was a change in the way GoCardless processed direct debits a little while back, which means that they basically discontinued “one-off” direct debits and only allowed a complete authorisation.

If a client has logged in to pay for an invoice since this change is made (I’ll come back to you on the date), then it’s likely they have a full authorisation direct debit on the account.

It’s also worth checking your GoCardless account directly to see what they say about the mandate.


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