Direct electronic payments from bank

Are any of the major high street banks set up to allow electronic payments from clients?

Most high street banks have online banking facilities along with the facility to make electronic bank transfers using BACS or CHAPS. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for?

Hi - am very new to quickfile. Want to set clients up to be able to pay their invoices via BACS (i.e. from their bank acc directly into mine). What set up do I need to do to facilitate this? Once done, will monies be physically credited to my business account as well as showing on the quickfile statement? thank you

You really just need to include your BACS details on your invoices, you can enter this in the payment terms box and even set it up to automatically appear on all invoices raised (see Sales >> Invoice Customisation). When your clients pay you by BACS then these transactions will appear on your bank statement, if you import this into QuickFile then they will appear there too.

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