Direct Feed into LivePlan

I recently started using LivePlan, which is a cloud based Business Planning Tool, its really good, its quite a large company with thousands of users worldwide, its perfect for Owner operators and SME’s its very intuitive and easy to use. I then noticed that it pulls in live the figures from third party accounting software, namely Xero and Quickbooks

Having your accounts connect to your financial forecasts so you can measure actuals against forecast is invaluable, and unless i went back to Xero which i used to use, i will have to manually enter the data periodically.

Is there any way of linking Quickfile to LivePlan, would any body else find this useful. I dont like seeing Xero do stuff that Quickfile doesnt, as i think QuickFile is a better product.

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We’ve opened up a dialogue with LivePlan so we’ll see where it goes. If I’ve understood it correctly I suspect it will be a case of LivePlan pulling figures in from Quick File. We’ve directed them to our API and will be happy to assist them where we can.

Can you elaborate on what figures LivePlan pulls in, just to get an idea if the facility already exists in our API to retrieve this data?

It would be great of you could get this sorted, and a massive step forward to link live accounting data to your ongoing business planning and forecasting, something that always used to bug me back when i used to use Sage Winforecast and Sage Accounts and they wouldnt even talk to each other, at least those days are gone.

Lets hope it gets sorted as keying any figures in manually is a pain, and if xero does it, then i am sure it can be done with Quickfile too, Cheers

I dont know exactly what they pull in, I would assume you set your forecasts P&L lines to match your chart of accounts in quickfile, and it can then pull the actual data per month, and slot it into the report next to the forecast totals, without this feed you have to print off your accounts and start typing it all in every month line by line (major pain)

I think perhaps LivePlan would need to access the P&L method on the API:

There’s also a couple of other methods that may be relevant…

Balance Sheet:

Chart of Accounts:

… a couple of years further down the line from this thread and I am wondering whether this has progressed at all? I hope it can make some progress soon as I have just started to use Liveplan.

Hello Glen. Is there any update or work-around for this? It would be a real plus, speaking personally.
Thank you for any update.

Unfortunately it would need to be something Liveplan initiate at their end. We have all the reporting endpoints on our API, although LivePlan would need to pull this in. If I’m not mistaken that’s what they would have done with their Xero integration.

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