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Direct link to recurring (not regular) purchase

Hello. On the left hand side of the dashboard there is a links section. Is there any way of putting a link there that would automatically open a new purchase with the supplier (and possibly other items) already completed? I have to create a purchase for the fee from Stripe each time we have an order and it would save me time if I could click one link with Stripe (supplier) and “reverse charge on services” already completed. Thank you :grinning:

Just create a link that is the URL of the new purchase screen for that supplier.


Thanks - that works creating the purchase - saves me a few clicks :smiley:

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You don’t have to create a separate purchase for the fee on each individual order, you can (and should) just create one purchase per month from the monthly tax invoice they put in your Stripe dashboard.

I do download the tax invoices and file but I prefer to create each one on the date it happens. This is when Stripe charge us (they don’t charge monthly, even though they invoice monthly).

If you have the Stripe feed to your QF account then you can just set up a tagging rule to create the purchases.

There is a separate thread current about issues arising if you mix Stripe payment of invoices with using Stripe on your own shopping cart.

Thank you for replying. I don’t use the Stripe feed, just tag the payments from the bank account when they credit.

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