DirectDebit URL when creating a new customer


I am looking at the API documentation and can’t find any evidence of this.

We want to create a new customer via the API and grab the link (also via the API) to setup direct debit for this customer.

Is this possible? If yes how?

Thank you very much.

Well, right after posting this thought it might be in the Client_get method.

And yes, just found it. :slight_smile:

But not sure if this is what I am looking for.

Gocardlessdetails shows up on the documentation as a boolean, although on the description says it will return the signup url .

Yes it’s part of the Client_Get method.

In the request it’s a boolean, but the response will return a string (i.e. a unique GoCardless signup URL). In XML your request would look like this:


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Awesome, thanks for your quick reply.

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