@DirectInvoiceLink@ - Get URL rather than HTML block

Hello QuickFile,

I’m customising our outgoing emails at the moment, and it’s one thing that’s bugging me on invoice-related emails.

It seems that through the use of @DirectInvoiceLink@, you drop in a HTML block including a <table> all pre-formatted with the link in it; which doesn’t work as nicely as it could to with some mail clients (read: Outlook).

Would it not be easier to just parse back the invoice URL through that (or another) variable so we can decide how to present it, over parsing HTML which breaks formatting with Outlook.


We’ve actually just made a change here that’s pending deployment. We’ve stripped out the <table> wrapper and reduced it to a simple <a> link:

<a href='http://domain.quickflile.co.uk?q=000000'>Click here to view your invoice</a>

This should fix the Outlook issues. We thought about removing the HTML entirely but this would look very unsightly for non tech savvy users.


@Glenn - Awesome, please let me know when it gets pushed through. Also would be nice if it could be replicated on similar links ( @DirectEstimateLink@ and @DirectStatementLink@ that I’ve seen so far).

Also, another issue, and I’ll open a thread in #bug if you’d like; we’ve got HTML in our signature (basic) which works on all emails I’ve sent so far, apart from the email sent when resetting a client’s password, which sends it in plain text (showing HTML).

It will be effective on all links.

I’ll certainly look into the other issue you mention regarding the password reset.

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Just to let you know this has now gone live!


We’ve now updated the system to send password reminders in HTML format, so there shouldn’t be any further issues here. The original issue was that the system was sending password reminders in plain text and just literally printing the HTML markup.

Hello @Glenn,

I’m still experiencing the issue with HTML being sent as plain text for password-related emails.

Further to the link as a plain link rather than a styled table; can you also push that down to the message system’s emails, as it seems to still be using the old format (as in OP).

Leyton Reed

Let me send you a PM to get some more details on where this is happening. I know the password reset email was updated to HTML so I’m guessing it could be another area.

Hi there

Is it possible to customise the link text that’s dropped in at the @DirectInvoiceLink@ token from “Click here to view your invoice” to something else?

Less important, but I’d also like to change the style of this link. The link seems to override style tags in the email wrapper HTML.


Hi @benjamingoodson,

I have merged this with an existing Feature request, you may want to add your vote at the top :slight_smile:

It’s not the same thing though.

Hi @Lurch

If the link is returned as just a URL rather than a full HTML block, the text can also be customised to suit (which is what I believe @benjamingoodson is looking for).

For example, instead of a full HTML block, including the styling and text, we could return just the link, allowing you to do something like this:

<a href="@InvoiceLink@" style="color: #FF0000; font-weight:bold;">
   Click here to view your new invoice

Although, @benjamingoodson - if we’ve misunderstood, please let us know :slight_smile:

But that URL still wouldn’t be customisable though, which is what @benjamingoodson is asking for?

Hi there

Yes, that is what I mean, but I’m not sure where that HTML should go. I just tried it to place the link in a template under Routine Emails.

@InvoiceLink@ doesn’t link to anything
@DirectInvoiceLink@ produces the attached


Although re-reading your message, perhaps you mean that @InvoiceLink@ would be a new feature that you haven’t yet activated? If so, yes please do as this would solve the problem.


That’s correct. It’s not supported at the moment but we can consider adding it. Just click the “Vote” button at the top of the page to add your support for this request, and we’ll let you know if anything changes.

I’ve voted. That would be incredibly useful and hopefully not too difficult to implement?

Slightly concerned that this was pending in 2014… Is there hope?

Love the product otherwise!

Many of the features would be implemented based on interest from the community (amongst other factors, such as the feasibility of it).

Historically, we’ve left the requests open for users to comment and like the post to show their support. This did change this year to the voting system, but we still take the posts into account. As you can see above, apart from yourself, there’s only one other post (from @leyton) for this request, but I do agree this could be useful.

Sure, I understand. It’s just that when Gary said “We’ve actually just made a change here that’s pending deployment.”, it sounded like it was just about to happen, so I wondered if in fact the idea had been retired.

I’m surprised it’s not a more popular request. You can customise every bit of the email, which is great, but then are stuck with this wording and formatting for the invoice link.