Directors Loan HELP

Hi, very confused how to start my directors loan account.
At first I decide to introduce £3100 in the business bank account for buying a stock, but after it appear that the stock wasn’t available,
I decided to take out £1300 back to my personal account and to leave into loan account £1800.
After 10 days I have added another £200.So £2000 in total Director’s Loan.

Opened a journal and moved firstly £3100, then reversed back £1300 and again put £200 as second loan.
And now my bank account shows negative amount, my Director’s Loan account is with negative amount due to making some payments plus purchases of stock.
Please help how can I put it up right?

Firstly delete the journal. That’s not how it’s done.

If you input your bank transactions you’d have lines for money going in and for money going out. You only need to tag this as something else not on the list and select directors loan account.

Obviously you need an opening balance whether that is money already in the bank or the 3100 you deposited first.

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Thank you.
Journals deleted, looks more logical now.

If you’ve put money into the business bank account then this is correct - an overdrawn DL account means that the company owes you money.

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Yes. The minus now is at DL. Thank you :blush:

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