Disable client without deleting

Is it possible to put a client on hold so an invoice can’t be created. I have a client who I do not want to deal with again, but obviously need to keep a record of transaction from previous month, so do not want to delete them.


If you delete them, they don’t physically get deleted. You can restore them again, and all records (invoices, estimates etc) will be kept

At the bottom of the list of clients, there’s a button to view deleted clients (apologies if this image is a bit big, I’m using phone to do this!)


Thanks for the information. I was thinking more along the lines of a customer continually pays late, still owes money, and you do not want to sell anything else to them, until the debt is cleared. Due to this do not want to delete them, but just put them on hold from any new invoices being created.


In that case, you may wish to add your vote to this topic:

I am in that situation with one client at the moment. In the absence of credit limits my quick and dirty solution was to just add the letters “XXX” to the name as a reminder…

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