Disable PayPal option for client

Hello Glenn,

I have identical problem like the person in this ticket “Disable online payments”.
I disabled the PayPal option on clients level, but still EACH invoice which is raised by "Reoccuring"
bills contains the option to be paid by PayPal.
See the client of mine LAGOA GUEST HOUSE and the invoice raised for the client #592.

I believe it is a simple big, because you probably don’t want me to redo all my recurring bills.
Could you please have a look into that?

Thank you.

I think it’s a slightly different scenario to the one described in the other thread as in this case it’s related to recurring invoices. Leave this with me I shall run a few tests and let you know.

The issue with restrictions not being applied to recurring invoices has been fixed on our development system and is due to go live early next week. Any invoices created from a recurring invoice whereby there are client restrictions on the payment options will be applied to all subsequent invoices.

Thank you very much.

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