Disable specific payment options for a client or invoice

Just an idea, if it can be an option to pick mode of payment from customers. e.g some as DD and those who are just one off may be through Stripe or other card processing methods while creating invoice. We should enforce payment modes rather then customer seeing all payment options?

You can disable payment options at the client level and for specific invoices. In the client settings area there are options to always disable certain payment channels on all new invoices.

When you create a new invoice, from the preview screen click the ‘Pay Online’ button, you can then knockout specific payment options for that invoices.

Thanks, system does give option of disabling certain payment modes for a client but not on existing due invoices.

It should do…If you go into the preview screen for the due invoice, click to ‘Pay Online’ then click the red cross next to the payment method (as per the above illustration), that will disable that specific payment option for the invoice.

That is brilliant, thanks Glenn. Is there anyway to add certain % to invoice amount if certain payment mode is selected to pay e.g if stripe is selected by customer, they should get a message that extra charge of 2.5% apply?

Excellent! I regret that adding percentages based on payment options selected it not currently supported. It has been mentioned elsewhere on another thread.