Disabling invoice query & customer communications


I receive emails through my website/email/facebook. I have messaging in quick file disabled but I have now received a message through invoice query. I really don’t want another place to check for messages so would really like this feature disabled if poss? Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hi @Mel_H

If you have a power user subscription (either due to the size of your account or optionally), you can remove this with a bit of CSS.

There are some instructions here, but if you need any help, please let me know :slight_smile:

Ive already got the other message bits disabled, but not the invoice query, I can certainly try CSS if you can provide it? I have a paid account.

This should do the trick:

#hypQueryLink {
    display: none;

This will remove it from both the invoices and estimates.

I’ll also update the guide to include this

Brilliant! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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