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Discounting individual invoice lines

Is it possible to assign discounts to individual items, rather than globally?
There are items I charge to clients at cost but need, currently, to add 11.111% to the price to compensate for a 10% discount, which looks a bit amateur.

Hi @Jonty1960

There isn’t a way of adding a discount to one particular line, but we do support negative values.

What you would do in this case is add one line for the item at the full price, and then a second line with a negative value for the discount.

Hope that helps!

Thank you Mathew, I’ll give that a go.

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Just to add to that, you can also create negative inventory items. I have all out standard discounts stored this way.

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Do you mean you create inventory item A at a full price e.g. £10.00, then have inventory item B with the discount price e.g. -£1.00 and sell your discounted product as 1 x A plus 1 x B?
e.g. assuming 10% discount:

item A = “Box of 12 FML lamps” £95.00 VAT 20%
item B = “Discount on 12 FML lamps” -£9.50 VAT 20%

Then sell your retail customer item A and your trade customer item A and item B?

That is exactly what we do

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