Discrepancy between creditors control and creditors report

I have a discrepancy between the figure in my creditors control account and the figure on the balance sheet, trial balance or chart of accounts (all the same) The creditors control is correct. I have checked through the entries and checked through all my journals but can’t find anything obvious to cause it.

Have you tried exporting the nominal code 2100 as an excel file and then looking at all the entries? This would be a good starting point and may flag up errors.

You could also check that no suppliers with balances have been deleted…purchases>view suppliers…scroll to the bottom and highlight deleted suppliers.

Yes done that, thanks, nothing unusual in there.

Hi Paul it does seem to relate to a couple of suppliers that I deleted but they had zero balances. I just can’t find the offending entry.

HI @Tricia

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with this, I’ll send you a Private Message now so that we can discuss this in some more detail.

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