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Display of Payment Options

We give customers the options to pay online by GoCardless or Stripe. When a customer selects the “pay online” option from the invoice both GC and Stripe logos are displayed but the only payment button is for direct debits.

On investigation I found that clicking on the Stripe logo will change the option to payment by card.

This depends on customers knowing what the two logos mean which, quite simply, they don’t.

Could we please have both options clearly displayed or, if this is too difficult, have the option for us to set which is the default.

We have recently been thinking about how we can display these payment options in a more intuitive way for the end customer. One approach we considered was grouping them into one of the following categories:

  1. Card payment options
  2. Bank payment options
  3. PayPal

These options would then be displayed on the left side, replacing the provider logos. If the merchant had multiple configs setup for a given group we’d then show the provider names.

Another thing we could do is allow the merchant to set a default payment option without the end customer needing to make extra clicks to get there.


@FolkLondon we’ve made a few updates, would love to get your thoughts / feedback on this.

That looks much better for our not very tech savvy clients. Thanks

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