Display remaining balance for partially paid invoices

Currently the Invoice Management view only shows the full amount for the overdue invoices. It would be really helpful to see the remaining balance without having to open the invoices themselves.

I saw a older post on this subject from July last year, where it was explained that due to technical limitations it was not possible to dynamically show the remaining balance. A suggestion was made to implement a hover feature to show this amount on a per invoice basis, was this ever actually considered for implementation?

Also, if the value can be displayed via a hover option, then surely it can be displayed in a new column, right next to the Total column? If the amount can be displayed on the invoice itself in the Balance Due field, then that value can surely be read and displayed elsewhere?

Add your vote here to the existing feature request thread on the subject.


This is probably something we will look at in the next month or two, it has been pushed forward a few times but it’s relatively simple to implement on a click/hover to reveal basis.

If you hover or click, you are picking the item you want to display the balance for, so the calculations are performed on-demand. Doing this for 50 items on the screen every time, is far more intensive.

Will close this for now, so please follow the other feature thread for updates.