Display VAT summary for 0% rated invoices

I have some invoices that are 0% VAT (which is not the same IMO as zero VAT).

I have ticked the ‘show itemised VAT’ on the itemised area, but we need the summary totals to display the VAT even if it is zero. It disapears as soon as there are no lines with VAT.

How do we achieve this?


Hi @Kim_Usher

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to show the VAT amounts in the summary at the moment unless VAT is charged on the invoice.

Regarding 0% being classed as zero rate VAT, this is what HMRC classes it as (see here).

I’m not aware of your request coming up previously, but we can certainly consider this as a feature request if you wish?

Yes please, I would like to put that forward as a feature request.

@FaradayKeynes I’m not sure what you mean, my query refers to the invoice template footer summary.

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