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Displaying Payment Terms on Invoice

I’ve just noticed that my invoices do not display the payments terms.

When I “create new invoice” the blank template has a box “payable within” and defaults to “0” days.

I then add the Client Name and the Payment Terms change to 7 days as it picks up the terms agreed from that customer’s settings.

If I then complete the invoice and “save details” the Payment Terms 7 days remains.

But as soon as I “send” the terms disappear.

Can someone please advise how I can make sure this information is included on the invoice automatically?

Best Regards

Hi Richard,

It may be that this box isn’t ticked to be included on yuor invoices.

If you go to Sales >> Invoices Customisation and then click on the box containing invoice date:

You can then check the list to see if the due date is included or not

Yes that has sorted it thanks.
It’s 8 years almost since I set that up and I never gave any credit them so wouldn’t have ticked it and I haven’t messed with the template since.


Glad thats sorted it. It’s hard to say without looking into your account as to why the settings might have changed

They probably never changed. I never used to have any credit customers as an internet seller when I set up. But as time has gone one, I have offered credit to a few Govt bodies and a few trade customers and I was just looking at an invoice that was overdue and noticed it hadn’t a due date on.
they probably never have :slight_smile:

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