Distinguish client / supplier Icons in quick search results


Is it possible to have small icons next to the results that appear in the quick search in the upper left menu?

We have some suppliers who are also customers, so there are two accounts, but it would be nice to just know which is which from the result without clicking on them. Even if its just an ( S ) icon for suppliers like in the style of the forum here and a ( C ) for customer.


We also have some suppliers who are also customers. I just remember that if two records show up with the same name then the top one is a client and the second is a supplier. Top = money in Bottom = money out.

I’ve asked our development team to look at differentiating the two with unique icons. The client icon will likely stay as is, with the suppliers adopting a different icon.

Thanks for the feedback!

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@DesignStitchSew @kdunroe

I can confirm that we are now differentiating clients and suppliers in the quick search. Suppliers now show a small ID card icon.


Hope that’s helpful!


Thanks Glenn. That is helpful for us.

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Brilliant! thanks guys.

A feature request that goes into production two days after I requested it is incredible.

Thanks again.

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