Distinguish manually added bank transaction from feed or CSV imported transactions

Hi Glenn

I had this thought when i was looking at a client’s bank account. They added couple of manual transactions to the bank account to sort out something.

Because i had seen their bank transactions before they added the manual transactions, i knew these were manual and were duplicating another transaction.

If i had not seen their bank account before the manual transactions were added, i would not have a way to know that they were manually added. Yes the description of the manual transaction sometimes gives it away but not always.

So this made me think (and i suppose i have seen this feature in another software) there needs to be a way to distinguish manually added transactions to the ones downloaded via statements or via automatic bank feeds.

Do you think this is something you could consider to add to QF?


As long as we have a way of differentiating on the back-end (which I believe we do) I believe it could be added without too much difficulty. I don’t know yet how we’d distinguish these in the UI, perhaps colour coded?

What about in the “Advanced Search” having a tick box for manual only and linking it to some criteria that is unique to manual transactions rather than messing with the bank view?

adding it to advance search option would be helpful.

Also what about adding a red mark or (manually added) to the reference field . eg below.Thanks

Just to add my support to this request - we had just this problem when we managed to manually create some transactions that were then automatically imported. We went through manually and made a judgement call on which one to remove, but it would have been much easier to see the manual ones at a glance.


Glenn - you could do a very quick and dirty on this by adding, say, a ~ on the front of every imported description

What we’re thinking is to use a small icon to denote if the transaction originated from a feed or CSV (unfortunately right now we can’t distinguish between these two types) as opposed to a manual entry. When the icon is clicked it will show the number of items imported on that feed/CSV along with an option to delete them (if all items are untagged), this solves another problem of removing accidental uploads in bulk.

We’re looking at this now and trying a few different styles.

We have just made an update in the bank statement view to indicate next to each transaction how it was created.

The square and intersecting right hand arrow icon will appear next to any transactions manually entered from the bank statement or logged as a payment from an invoice. The cloud icon is for bank statement file imports and transactions originating from a bank feed.

We have also added some additional search filters so the transaction types can be isolated. This should be useful if you’re importing everything from a feed and someone inadvertently manually logs a payment, it will be much faster now to locate that entry.


Hi Glenn

Many thanks for this :slight_smile:

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