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Dividend not showing second payment

I’ve been trying out the Dividend feature which I’m fully aware is in Beta but that’s why I like to try to break these things :smiley:


  • I have two classes of share; Ord. & Pref.
  • I have completed the Share Capital section in the Management Information with the two classes of share and the correct numbers of shares.

Bug One

  1. I entered a dividend payment as a journal between 1201 Directors Loan & 3201 Dividends paid for each share type; two separate journals.
  2. I created a dividend voucher for Ord. shares; at this point it shows the two separate entries and I can select either one.
  3. I try to create the second voucher but the second journal no longer shows.

I tried deleting the the first voucher and once again both journals are available for selection. Choosing to create a voucher for the other journal results in the same issue.

It appears that all transactions are being tagged as done instead of each one separately.

Bug Two
a) When the voucher is created it inserts the Preference Share in the description and sets the amount of share to the total of shares and not to the total of shares in that class although it is possible to amend this information in the voucher share description.
b) There is no option to select which class of shares that the dividend is being paid for although it is possible to amend this information in the voucher share description.

It would be great to be able to complete the dividend voucher and journal all in one go/screen but that is a feature request which I’ll enter separately. :smiley:

Thanks once again for continually adding these improvements to the product. Awesome!

Hi @norm1710,

Thank you for this, I have passed your post on to the dev team to take a look at :slight_smile:

Hi Ian,

In regards to “Bug One” can you please try to generate that second dividend voucher as we released an update earlier today that should address this issue.

Now for “Bug Two” the share count should be derived from the personnel tab in the “Management Information” section. I’m afraid it’s not sophisticated enough to allow multiple share types to be allocated to a single shareholder, so it will essentially just retrieve the number you have set here along with the allocated share type.

As you mentioned you can edit this post-creation, but unfortunately right now it will default to the values shown above.

Many thanks Glenn

Didn’t mean for you to be burning the midnight oil!

Bug One
The second voucher now turns up as expected. Issue closed

Bug Two
It’s improbable that someone has two types of shares but I am that improbability. I bought out a partner so got both types of shares.
In this case it makes no difference as I pay the same amount to both shares.

In another company we pay differing amounts so there we need a solution. However, the simple work around is to have slightly different names in the Management Information.
I’ve used “Ian Tudor Price (Pref)” for one and “Ian Tudor Price (Ord)” for the other. Issue solved.

Many thanks as always, Ian

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No problem Ian, better to address these issues sooner rather than later.

Regarding the multiple share class situation, it is probably less common, but I am sure we’ll encounter others with a similar situation. We’ll review over time and consider updating to support this.