Dividend vouchers and payslipe

Hi I am new!! Starting my company in Jan and want to know if the system will provide pay slips and dividend vouchers for the two directors?

I’m afraid this is not something we currently support as the software does not have an integrated Payroll solution. You could try something like The Payroll Site, we will shortly have an integration with this provider so you can push all your payroll figures into your Quick File account.


I’ve just had to set up payroll for our new company and have found Payroo to be pretty good software. This manages all aspects of payroll, submits reports to HMRC and produces payslips. It’s free for up to 9 employees, and is cloud based like QuickFile.


Thanks James

How are you finding Quick File?

Love it!

I was previously using a spreadsheet to keep an account cash account of incomings and outgoings, this can handle invoices, etc. and generate reports.

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