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Do any banks provide a free QuickFile subscription?

FreeAgent accounting software is now free for life for Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest business banking customers.

I believe that’s contingent on the customer opening a new bank account with either Natwest or RBS. Natwest also own a stake in Freeagent so that would explain the offer here.

We may be able to offer similar arrangements with other banks, although likely not Natwest or RBS as they have their own strategic interests.

It might be a wise move to offer it to the other major banks, as you have a good product and it would be good publicity.

That type of tie-in could make moving banks more of a headache. I prefer independence to keep options flexible.

A key feature of the NatWest / Freeagent tie-in is that the terms allow NatWest to have a degree of access to your accounts and you can’t help feeling this is either (a) so they can pester you to buy services you’re well aware of but don’t want and/or (b) so they get earlier warning if your business appears to be in financial difficulty so they can pull the plug and protect themselves sooner.

It’s worth noting that two months FreeAgent subscription pays for a year of QuickFile, so it’s quite a different proposition.

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