Do I need a Monzo Lite or Pro business account?

Considering switching business bank accounts and looking at Monzo’s offerings. They have a ‘Lite’ and a ‘Pro’ Business account. The Pro says it has ‘Integrated Accounting’ which they describe as ‘Integrate with Xero, FreeAgent, QuickBooks or export your transactions.’ My question is, will QuickFile hook into the Lite version of the account, or is Pro needed for this? TIA!

Hi Charlotte,

The link with QuickFile is through Open Banking so if the account supports Open Banking then you can connect using the Bank Feeds within QuickFile.

Hope this helps?

Thanks, Beth. Monzo do support Open Banking. So my question really is, do I get access to that with their standard business account, or do I need to pay for Pro? I appreciate that’s really a question to ask Monzo, but I thought someone on this forum might have tried.

Hi @CharlotteH

Unfortunately, I am unable to say - another user may be able to tell you but if Monzo can confirm that they support open banking with their standard account then you will be able to set that up within QuickFile

I have monzo lite and they confirmed that I can use it with open banking

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