Do I need an accountant when using quickfile

I have been using quickfile for my ltd for some months now, and feel like I have an ok understanding for how it works and how to do the accounts.
Do I still need to hire an accountant? It seems like all accountant only offer monthly packages. Why would I need that if I’m doing the bookkeeping myself?
Is it to answer any questions, or will they look over and double check everything I do for the monthly price?
Do quickfile have any option to get advice or ask questions on hourly basis if needed?

Generally fee is based on annual work which is paid monthly for ease of cash flow, its not monthly contracts as such. There is no legal requirement to have an accountant on board.

You can always ask for general guide on forum, any thing specific to your personal circumstances are best sorted through professional terms

If you’re ltd then you will have certain obligations to send in statutory accounts in legal structure. For book keeping only - quickfile is very easy to use and understand. Personally if you’re ok with this I wouldn’t bother paying for any book keeping unless is became very time consuming. However for you year end / final accounts and submission requirements professional services would be well worth their money. Quickfile do offer a ltd company year end submission for a flat fee. Maybe enquire with Glenn.

I need to do my company’s first VAT return, this week and my new accountant is too busy with everyone’s tax return to help me this week.

I’ve entered all the information for the last 18 months, (with Glenn’s help) Is there someone trustworthy I can hire on hire, who could check it and advise me on a couple of questions about which options I should tick on the VAT return form?

Many thanks

You aren’t under any legal obligation to have an accountant, most do so in the interest of convenience and also to benefit from their expertise in terms of financial and tax planning matters, amongst other things.

There are a growing number of people doing their own bookkeeping and hiring the services of an accountant to cover the year-end formalities, e.g. tax returns, accounts preparation etc. As @xloganm15 mentions we do offer a services to assist with the year-end, explained in more detail here.

We also have a panel of accountants who are able to provide a more comprehensive and ongoing relationship if required. These accountants are visible in the right hand column of your dashboard.

Are there any accountants that offer support by the hour, or on other terms than yearly plans? I can do bookkeeping myself, but sometimes I have a question. It seems not right to sign up and pay a monthly fee just to get answer to a question i have now.

If I hire an accountant on a monthly plan and I continue to do the bookkeeping in quickfile, what will they do? Do i pay for them to look over that what I’ve done is right, or do I pay for to be able to ask them questions ?

Most accountancy practices will offer a one-off consultancy service. As @FaradayKeynes mentioned the monthly fee accountants charge is usually intended to breakdown the costs or the year-end formalities over the full year. On top of this they will usually provide some sort of advice and oversight on your bookkeeping, most accountants will negotiate a price dependent on your requirements.

It’s worth taking a look at the accountants already listed in QuickFile (within the dashboard) if you click to view the accountants profile you can contact them directly from here.