Do I need to pay to submit a VAT Bridging return?

I am trying to file my 2nd VAT Return but QF says I need to pay a fee. I thought this was meant to be a free service. I was prompted to pay £15 plus VAT. After making this payment QF says this will only allow me to use Bank Feed Activation and QF has again prompted me to make a further payment of £45. Can someone please advise if this is correct.

Where exactly are you being asked to pay a fee for VAT returns? Sounds more like the fee for a power user subscription which you will need to purchase if your account hits the L or XL trigger, and the reminder will be shown when you log in.

Quickfile is free for small and medium account sizes, if yours is above that then the fee will apply. These topics should explain it all;

I am showing as XS. I am a one man sole trader. When I click on “create new VAT return” it says:

“Your first VAT return can be filed for free. You will need to purchase a Power User Subscription for continued use of the VAT Filing feature. To upgrade your account please [click here]”

This is puzzling me.

Ah, it looks like you need a power user subscription for the VAT bridging module so I assume you are just using this and doing your accounts externally to Quickfile?

Although reading your original post again you say you paid the fee for bank feeds so I’m not sure what you’re doing exactly. If you’re doing VAT Bridging you shouldn’t need the bank feeds but conversely if you are using Quickfile to do your invoicing and accounts you shouldn’t need to be using VAT Bridging.

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I purchased the power subscription. Can you refund the bank feed payment.

I’ll send you a private message to get some details from you shortly, and we’ll see what we can do

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