Do I want to pay Class 2 NICs voluntarily?

I am based in the UK and own a limited liability company, serving as a director. Therefore, I am required to submit an SA100 annually. However, I do not draw a salary from the company; instead, my income is derived from property rental. Since rental income does not necessitate National Insurance (NI) contributions, I am wondering how I can arrange to make self-employed level NI contributions for myself.

Given this situation, I would like to seek advice on how to appropriately manage my NI contributions, considering that my primary source of income is property rental and not a salary from my company.

Hello @Alexander_Essentials

You may wish to check this with your accountant as it is not something the support team could advise on unfortunately.

I will leave the post open as there are some accountants who use the forum who may add a comment.

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