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Hi…I’m a contractor working for a larger consultancy who provide my services to their clients.
I have no need to physically send my invoices to the consultancy…my time sheet is enough. This is a common enough practice in my industry. The reason I have moved on to QuickFile is simply to accommodate the MTD scheme that HMRC have brought in…in other words I just need it to file my VAT.
Is there a way to turn off the ‘Send to Client’ option once I’ve created and invoice? I don’t want to click it by mistake and then have to cope with the admin ‘storm’ that will hit me from the consultancy.



hi Paul,

You can just mark the invoice as being sent. You don’t have to send it. If you just leave it then the invoice will remain in Draft form and won’t be picked up in the ledgers.

If you are concerned about sending it by mistake you could always remove the email address from your client.

Hope this helps

Hi @Paul_Sadd

Just jumping in on this with another suggestion. It’s a little trick, but it may help.

If you customise your invoice template and add this to your CSS, this would hide the line to email it

#sendRow_Email {
   display: none;

The end result:

I have a couple of “do not send” customers. I just leave the contact details blank in Quickfile.

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