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Do you know and affordable and reliable QF accountant


I would like to have referals for chartered accountants with experience in QF to help me with my accounts,

I had a disappointed experience here appointing one of the accountants firms advertising in this site with quotations and payments in advanced to provide any work ,
If I ask for clarifications or help to undertand how do the booking properly , as they are aware im not an accountant and is my first time filling returns as limited comany , they keep adding new estimations extra without being asked for.
They refused to give access to their affinity account and keep asking to me or QF to enter with my confidential logging here wich not agreed,
The point is I had to ask for a new delays to company house to provide my returns,
I have also paid a power suscription here , but nor the accountant appointed neither the guidance here help me to feel safe doing those tasks,
Now they came ask me to pay them and ridiculous amount of money per hour on top at the invoice I have already paid just for check my bank stamens and see if my booking was well done;
I believe they has the duty yo that so before to sign any certification and musto to be included in their fees, otherwise they shod tell the client which services they will not provided and in this case how much will be their fees.
I found abusive to add 299 for do fillings of end of the year and then when I ask if they have look at my banks statements or another subjet they e mail me telling me they will charge on top 180 pounds and hour,
I feel very frustrated and I will appreciate someone honest here to provided a professional service with not hidden fees
I will much appreciate if QF take the care to check the services offered here and check clearly their bodies qualifications and respect a procedure like chartered accountants in agreement with their professional body and conduct, This with the goal of protect us as customers that I believe we are sole trader or very small companies trying to do the best to complied with our obligations with the HRMC
Is discussing that some people offer free or very low cost just to attract very small clients distressing doing this job , for later surprise us with fees that exceed the reasonable for people who work with this free software,
Many Thanks for your help

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a negative experience with an accountant on QuickFile. Many accountants will offer a fixed fee for completion of year-end accounts, on the assumption that the bookkeeping for that period is up to date and accurate.

If this is not the case then it is reasonable for the accountant to provide some cost estimate to correct any errors or omissions. There’s a very high degree of variability in terms of what a client may present as “completed” records, I don’t believe quoting for extra work is in breach of any specific professional guidelines. I can’t really comment on the fee quoted, although I believe in this particular case the accountant in question also offered you a full refund.

In terms of verifying accountants, we will deal with any misuse of our advertising platform, but we cannot independently verify the qualifications nor the individual offers being made.

With that said we are working on a new review platform that will help users to share their experience with the various accountants listed on QuickFile. We hope this will be ready in April and should help QuickFile users to make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing an accountant.

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Just to weigh in here. I freely admit that I know nothing about this case but it seems to me that there are 2 main issues here.

  1. The bookkeeping was not what the accountant expected.

  2. The accountant asked for information ie your password, which they shouldn’t have, and tried to charge additional fees.

My proposed solution to these problems is to go for a fixed price accountancy monthly package. With a good accountant this means that your records and bookkeeping will be checked monthly to ensure it is correct. These will usually cover accounts and tax comp as well.

In the interest in full disclosure I am accountant that offers such services but I am currently not accepting new clients.

Lastly always talk to your accountant before you sign up with them and never pay until you have seen the accounts. If I am working with a client I would only raise an invoice when I send the full set of accounts to them.

Kind regards,

Thank Chris for your reply
I agreed with that but I have trust this accountant without know him ans pay him via
transfert the same day, this was one months ago.
They make a quotation via the phone matching the price advertise in the top of quick file
so i supposed is part of the same group,
The fees I have paid was for an fixed amount as you know for do the returns,
and now when I have asked to do the work and ask for some clarification he send me an e mail
asking to pay this money per hour if i need more help with of course not agreed
At the same time he refused to send me an invitation to joint affinity , asking me to give my personal login, otherwise he said he will contact directly QF to request them, this beacuse he said he will be charged for QF if he let me enter in his Affinity Account that is only for his bookeeping clients:
I realised on fact that he has been in contact with QF as per the answer of Glenn he told him I have asked my self to refund my money; with he accept. Please not the offert didnt come from this firm to refund but by my query as he dont want to granted me to enter in Affinity and niether answer any question without pay him more
Im sure there are kindly people able to help and I will find it,
Kind Regards

Hi Maria,
I read your comments last week and I felt sorry to hear about your situation. Have you found an accountant yet?
I would be happy to help you if you haven’t.

Have a nice day.


hello GB
Thank you
yes I have found one
Many Thanks