Do you plan to add SEPA direct debit from Stripe?

It would be a great feature to have more options than only GoCardless.


I think the Zapier route would be better here.

Integrations like this are very complex and require a lot of development time to get right. If there’s a bigger demand from other users we will certainly review this.

That does not work, as Stripe does not have any way to create the direct debit payments from their dashboard.
It only works from their API.
So it is not possible to use it without any external app. I was expecting quickfile to be that external app.
Zapier is not an option at all for direct debit and Stripe.

Also, why did you created the GoCardLess one? was it because a lot of users demand it?
Or because you consider it was good for your app to have it?

We integrated GoCardless quite a few years back now, at the time they were offering something that few others were doing. We had quite a bit of interest and we we’re managing far fewer APIs than we are today, so the decision was easier.

With each integration we have to commit resources to maintaining that API through its lifecycle. It may be possible in future, we just need to see some further interest from other users.

Thank you for the explanation.
There is no good solution for Direct Debit so far and Stripe offers a nice API which is also well documented.
I hope more people will be interested on it.