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  1. I am using document manager as a document database. I realize that if I click on a category then that filters just on that category. However, is there any way of searching the database for a category (I have an XL company) without having to look through many pages or would I require a power user subscription to download the documents?

  2. Can or should old documents be archived? If so, how?

Hi @peterhock,

If you have an XL company then you will be required to have a Power User Subscription anyway but to search you just need to click the search button at the top of the document manager screen:

You can then select the folder for which you want to view, the folder choice is the same as the category.

can you clarify what you mean by old documents?

To improve the “Search” facility there is a necessity to have a standard format for saving files in DM.

For instance with bank statements I use the following format;


The first tag is the name of the bank or credit union in the above examples, followed by the date (reversed) and then a description of the particular account.

By formatting the files using this method there are number of searches that can be acheived;

  • allflintshirecreditu - shows all files saved with this tag
  • ntshirecreditu_1997 - shows all documents from 1997
  • hirecreditu_1997-09 - shows all documents from September 1997
  • savings-160-BNKSTTMN - shows all bank statements for Savings Account 160
  • loan-160-BNKSTTMNT - shows all bank statements for Loan Account 160
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