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Document upload API calls failing

I’ve started receiving a CloudFlare HTML error page instead of the expected JSON response when calling api.quickfile.co.uk (in this case the Document_Upload action), either a “520: Web server is returning an unknown error” or a “524: A timeout occurred”. Any ideas when this is likely to be back up?

Sorry about this @ian_roberts. I’ve asked someone to investigate.

I don’t suppose you managed to get an ID for the error being returned (which would be from Cloudflare)?

This is the HTML I got back this morning, and I’ve just tried again and got the same 524 again (with Ray ID 5d0210538d3106a2 this time):

520.html (6.1 KB)
524.html (6.1 KB)

I’m doing a JSON post using the Python requests module to https://api.quickfile.co.uk/1_2/document/upload and this code has worked fine most of the time up until today.

How big is the file you’re uploading? Is this only affecting the document upload method or other endpoints too? Are you using the JSON or XML API?

If you are able to PM @QFSupport or me (@Glenn) then we can try simulate this on our side. I tried a couple of files from Postman and it worked without issue, so perhaps it’s something specific to this request?

Just for the benefit of other users, we identified a specific issue on the document upload method and implemented some changes here that should circumvent these timeouts.

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