Dormant Non-Resident LLP filing help


I have an LLP that are both owned by foreign companies,
Not resident to UK.
The LLP is dormant and not doing anything.

The confirmation statement is already filed months ago.
Since it is LLP not LTD, it does not allow online filing directly from CompaniesHouse.
I have not yet applied for audit exemption but it also has to be done.

When I opened quickfile for my LLP, i used LTD because thats what the forum said.
However, when I need to file, now it is filing as LTD.

Is there any way I can do it right without spending too much for something that is dormant and doing nothing?

Hello @kimsh1993

The confirmation statement is something which is external to QuickFile.

You do not submit this via the QuickFile Platform.

You may wish to speak with our sister company, Company Wizard, who may be able to help you with filing this.

I am not asking for confirmation statement.
Account filing for dormant non-resident LLP,
I try to file account but then the online automatic system is filing it as an LTD when it is not an LTD.

Where do you see the automatic system? I don’t think quickfile does account submission

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