Double taxation

I’m probably going to move to Holland in a few months time and I need some help with how I can use quickfile for double taxation. I a’m also wondering if there is a dutch version of quickfile. I presuming that quickfile can only be used for UK tax/vat law.

It is many decades since my holiday job recording details of double taxation relief with a fountain pen in a bound ledger but at least I still understand the question.

The suitability of Quickfile would depend on the nature of your ongoing business. If you are worried about double taxation that suggests that you will still be trading in the UK and be liable for UK income or corporation tax as appropriate.

Will you just be using QF for UK business or a for mix of UK and NL or just NL? For tax purposes will you be a UK or NL resident?

You will need to consult a suitable qualified professional if you are unsure of your respective liabilities in teh two countries.


thanks for the reply, I’m self-employed -with no company -so its pretty straight forward. I spoke with Dutch tax person today and they think as soon as I move to holland tax system. I just say which part was UK, which part was dutch and then after this everything is dutch. So for tax purpose I will be NL resident.

He thinks I can continue to use QF - with some other nominal codes possible, which would be a relief.