Download and print VAT Returns filed

i am new to hmrc and would like to download my submitted VAT returns for print out. could you please assist me on the process and show me a screen shot of how it looks like to make sure am not printing of the wrong document.

thank you

You can go into each VAT return and download the backing reports individually. Just click on the return from the main list and select the option “Download Calculations”.

This will provide you with a printable CSV file containing the box totals and the backing calculations.

Hope that helps!

thanks glenn, I am not good at this could you please send me a screen shoot of how the downloaded report looks like. don’t no if I am doing the right thing.

thank you.

You will get a CSV file, which is usually opened in whatever office suite you have installed.

Essentially it is a list of all the entries that make up the totals on the VAT returns. Click the button that is shown in the post above and you will see, there isn’t really anything you can do wrong.

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