Download Bank Statement

Hi there

Is there any way to down load a copy of a paper bank statement and link it to the bank.

This means that the accountant can view everything online.


Hi @LVSCTreasurer

Some banks allow you to download a PDF copy of the paper statements they send out, which you could then upload to your QuickFile account if you wish. However, you’re not able to attach them to a bank account as files can only be attached to invoices and estimates.

If you keep your QuickFile bank account up to date to match your paper statement, this would give them a much more comprehensive view of your bank statement, as everything should then be tagged to the relevant invoice or transfer, whereas a file would only state what is happening.

E.g. “Payment to ABC” on your statement doesn’t give you any detail. However, this could then be tagged to an invoice on QuickFile, and your accountant could then view the actual invoice too if they wish too, and you’ve given them the access rights.

I hope that helps, but if you do need further help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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