Download CSV on iPad rather than preview

Attempting to download Trial Balance in csv format on iOS device results in a blank browser page with just two lines in big type:
This is on an iPhone 6 Plus, totally up to date iOS, and with the same result on Safari and Chrome.

H @PaulFarmer

I’ll admit I’m not an iOS user, but have tried this on Android and it’s succeeded without any issues.

My colleague has an iOS device, so I will pass this over to him to test and come back to you.

@PaulFarmer - Just wanted to let you know that we managed to replicate this. We have fixed this on our edit, and will be live tomorrow.

Please would you kindly retry now?

Hi Glenn, apologies for the slight delay but I’ve been testing another aspect. Basically, yes you’ve nailed the fact that I wasn’t getting anything but an error. Now I get the data downloaded into the browser on my iPhone as a grid or table, but not as a Download. If I click the “Share” button in the browser and select “Mail” as the target, the link from the browser is passed to it (which just points back to Quickfile), not the file itself.
If I download something from other sites, say from Elegant Themes, the response in the browser is a ZIP file graphic with an “Open In …” button which when clicked takes me to the native options in the browser (Chrome) to save the file to Dropbox or iCloud, or to attach it to an email.
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As far as I am aware iOS doesn’t have any native file system (unlike a desktop PC) so the device will always try to either deliver some kind of preview or open in a compatible app. When I attempt to download a ZIP document on my iPad I get the error “Download Failed - Safari cannot download this file

There are a few XLS spreadsheets and ZIP downloads on this page:

The XLS files open in a preview as you described, and the ZIP document won’t open at all.

There should at least be some way you can share or attach to an email, I will need to do a bit more digging on this.


If you tap on the spreadsheet preview you should see a horizontal bar appear with the option “Open in Numbers”. From here I was able to share or attach to an email.

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