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Download from First Direct

I have managed to download CSV files from First Direct into Quickfile but can’t work out how to automatically download from the bank. ie transactions automatically load into Quickfile on a daily basis as they occur - is this possible and if so how do you set it up? Note that I purchased the “Automated Bank Feeds” software from Quickfile for £18.00 0n 20/6/19.


this guide shouldhelp you get the feed set up: Yodlee Bank Feeds

Hope that helps

Hi Beth

Had a read of the information on the link and I’m pretty sure I did all that but I couldn’t find the option to add First Direct, only the original key 10-12 banks.

Hi @jsbproperty

First Direct should be on the list for Yodlee:

I’m fairly sure it’s linked and it shows the account as an “active feed” but the entries do not automatically upload I have to upload a CSV file every month. All the settings etc show it’s connected and “system health” etc is “operational” but still no automatic upload.

hi @jsbproperty,

I will send you a private message now :slight_smile: